– City Mobility with VW Designcenter –

For the project City Mobility initiated by Volkswagen-Design-Center in Potsdam WACH designstudio created the Stadtkoffer.

The Stadtkoffer is a lightweight hard-top case that allows for versatile transportation within cities. The case can be owned or rented through city wide stations for a period of time when needed. The case can be locked in urban space like a bicycle and comes with both wheels and back straps allowing for flexible use. The case is constructed like a back carrier. In combination with the wheels it allows for bulky and heavy objects to be fixed and transported easily.

The final design stage is a full-scale milled volume model that comes with all external devices.

WACH designstudio thanks designer Robert Just for the collaborative and fruitful research phase.

Rendering of the Stadtkoffer with tilt open front
Final sketch of the Stadtkoffer by WACH designstudio
Stadtkoffer rendering by WACH designstudioStadtkoffer rendering showing locking mechanism using Kryptonite bike lock and locking leash
Milling the top part of the Stadtkoffer mockupAdd-on pieces for the Stadtkoffer mockup designed by WACH designstudioPreparing the Stadtkoffer mockup for the paint job
Assembly of milled parts for the Stadtkoffer mockup by WACH designstudioMilled parts for the Stadtkoffer mockup by WACH designstudio
Assembling milled pieces of the Stadtkoffer mockup by WACH designstudioStadtkoffer designed by WACH designstudio gets yellow paint job
Stadtkoffer mockup by WACH designstudio backed for a windsurfing trip with ION harness
Stadtkoffer mockup by WACH designstudio detailed view of embedded Kryptonite bike lockStadtkoffer mockup by WACH designstudio back-top-view
Stadtkoffer mockup by WACH designstudio side-view