– MadeReal’s are fueled by a curios­ity for
tech­nique and mate­r­ial –

MadeReal’s are local hand-crafted and limited edition objects of mind, soul, heart, design and art.

MadeReal stands out for its unique design philosophy, that emphasizes the very process of making. MadeReal objects are structurally and aesthetically guided by the unique, true and natural qualities of the used raw materials. Yet, they do not lack durable and functional aspects. MadeReal products are unique and valuable objects, each with its own story. They seek to establish lifelong friendships with their owners, being received and treated as valuable companions.

MadeReal would never have seen the light of day if it weren’t for all the artisan that took part in developing MadeReal: Anna R Kinman, Elna Melusine Jolom, Fred Jacob, Arvid Salemark, Sofia Enbom, Magnus Carlsson & Signe Persson-Melin.

MadeReal Coil Cup prototype photographed in Svedala SwedenShort Logo of MadeRealFred Jacob weaving a MadeReal Lampa lampMadeReal Carafe crafted by Elna Jolom with additional weaving by Fred JacobDetailed view at the MadeReal Carved Ceramics Bowl surface crafted by Anna R Kinman

Carved Ceramic

- I'm carved -

Wabi Sabi

Perfect imperfection. In collaboration with Anna R Kinman.

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Prototype of a MadeReal Coil Cup with Blue GlazeMadeReal Clay Stool prototype
Production of a MadeReal Plate


I'm squeezed

A drop of Water

Plate captures glass the way it really is - liquid, flowing, in motion - alive. In collaboration with Bergdala Studioglas Sweden.

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MadeReal Plate nestling in fresh green moosPackaging of carved MadeReal porcelain SpoonMadeReal Lampa in the studio of Fred Jacob in BerlinProduct setting of MadeReal itemsA final MadeReal PlateExhibition of MadeReal items at the Form/Design Center in Malmö Sweden

Form/Design Center Malmö

- We are MadeReal -

5x5 Exhibition

Exhibition of MadeReal items 2013 at the Form/Design Center Malmö, Sweden.

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Coil Cup sitting on a stoneA MadeReal plate designed by WACH designstudio nestling between fresh green moss
Detailed view of MadeReal Lampa weaving by Fred Jacob


- I'm weaved -

A bundle of Hay

Lampa is a play between weaving rattan and respecting the life of its own - a play of expected and unexpected structures. In collaboration with Fred Jacob and Anna R Kinman.

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Crafted glass bowl by Elna Jolom with additional carvings by René WachDetailed view at the seat weaving of MadeReal Clay StoolMadeReal wool experiment by WACH designstudioCarved MadeReal Spoon on a carved table surface by Arvid Salemark at DMY BerlinMadeReal Carafe crafted at Bergdala Studioglas


- I'm melted -

With the flow

Crafted with the ingredients of a knocking rhythm and the force of gravity. In collaboration with Elna Melusine Jolom.

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Sketch of the MadeReal setup for DMY Berlin exhibitionBursted tree MadeReal inspiration