– Passion & Profession –

While living in Berkeley-California during his teenage years René got infected with surfing and anything having to do with water sport. Ever since René followed his enthusiasm and picked up skills in surfing, windsurfing, stand-up-paddling, sailing, cat-sailing and boating.

Whilst studying product design René worked as a windsurf teacher around the globe. The wish to join profession and enthusiasm was always present and in the shape of a longboard it finally came true.

Even though home to paved roads longboard riding is an increment of surfing and demands a surfing spirit. Being a handy size product René was able to realize the longboard project under his auspices. All the way from ideation to functioning prototype the project demonstrates booth – René’s passion and profession.

Wide and soft wheels from Olson & Hekmati paired with V2 Paris Trucks make this longboard a true cruiser.

René has caught on fire and you can be sure that further products will follow.

Detail of the WACH designstudio longboard front deck covered with mirrored zebra wood veneer
Longboard by WACH designstudio with Zebrano Deck, white bottom, Paris Trucks and turquoise Olson&Hekmati wheels
Bottom view of WACH designstudio longboardMirrored zebra wood deck on longboard by WACH designstudio
Detail of the WACH designstudio longboard tail deck covered with mirrored zebra wood veneer
Bottom tail detail of longboard by WACH designstudioSilhouette of WACH designstudio crusier longboard
Top view of WACH designstudio longboard with mirrored zebrawood
View of the WACH designstudio longboard white bottom with paris trucks and turquoise Olson&Hekmati wheels
Final mold for WACH designstudio longboardReady cut out shape of WACH designstudio longboardPieces for the WACH designstudio longboard mold
Laying down yacht paint on the bottom of WACH designstudio longboardalmost finished work of laying down zebra wood veneer on WACH designstudio longboard deckStack together mold and ready for pressing the American maple core of WACH designstudio longboard
Laying down the shape of WACH designstudio longboard to be cut outLaying down the zebra wood veneer on WACH designstudio longboard deck