Final Report

– The last heartbeat of the DDR Stasi –

Until the 10th of November 1989 the Hochschule Hauptverwaltung Aufklärung (HVA), recruited and drilled almost 4000 People to become masters in intelligence services. Economic as well as technological espionage were just a few of the skills the Stasi graduates perfected.

Besides a political-operative training, graduates were taught methodology, psychology and were pushed to learn as many foreign languages as possible. The DDR did not spare any effort or money to have their espionage-agents infiltrate the public. For ‚operative purposes‘ 17 Million DDR-Mark were spent annually until 1986. With the collapse of the Wall, the HVA started its program of ‚Self-Closure‘.

Until June 1990 a specially assigned group within the ministry destroyed almost all records and documents of the espionage achievements.

Final Report shows concreted forecourts, empty blocks of buildings, abandoned living- and classrooms, interrogation chambers and auditoriums were left behind. The blocks at the Seddinsee, which were HVA headquarters from 1988 – 1989 are still standing in file, even 21 years after the fall of the Wall. Immoveable and demanding, they are the epitome of what the recruits were supposed to become. Today the erstwhile HVA complex has an almost surreal charm.

Hasselblad 500cm | Handproof colorprint | 22x22cm

Final Report 01 | View into the abandoned library with books falling from the shelves
Final Report 02 | View over the sports field covered with red gravel stone
Final Report 03 | View into the rest room
Final Report 04 | Perspective view the prefabricated slab-construction buildings of true HVA DDR Stasi Gosen
Final Report 05 | View into an emptied classroom with a blackboard mounted to the wall
Final Report 06 | Frontal view of a generously sized secratary building
Final Report 07 | Randomly stacked chairs in the hallway
Final Report 08 | View inside the HVA lecture hall
Final Report 09 | Room of a Stasi trainee with a perisian rug, presumably preparing for middle east operation areas
Final Report 10 | Perspective view inside the staircaseFinal Report 13 | Frontal view of a classical DDR filing cabinet made from veneered chipboard
Final Report 11 | Room housing the movie projectors for the lecture hall
Final Report 12 | Frontal view of the HVA lecture hallFinal Report 14 | Perspective view of the typical clothesline construction in the DDR